Welcome to the family of (SA)ATEA, and the Power to apply Collective Bargaining SAATEA is an Employer organization, duly registered at the Department of Labour which allows employers to act and function as a group.


3rd floor, Tygerberg Sentrum,16 Voortrekker Road


SAATEA is a Non-Profit employer-organization that promotes the interests of Employers in South Africa – in the transport sector (where it began) and across a broad spectrum of businesses.

In joining SAATEA, you will be part of a large collective bargaining vehicle. Over the past decade and longer, SAATEA has honed its skills and experience to provide members with crucial services that are designed to cater for their special needs, inter-alia, labour and legal services.

We are able to offer you a wide variety of services at reduced fees, whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism and expertise.


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Who is (SA)ATEA?

(SA)ATEA is a Non-Profit organization that was formed in 2003 with a large membership to look after the needs of Employers specializing in the Transport sector.

Due to huge demand and successful collective bargaining the focus changed and we now welcome all employers from a broad cross-section of all groups.

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  • Labour and legal services provided by highly qualified and capable practitioners nation-wide.
  • A collective bargaining and negotiation vehicle.
  • Advice on Corporate Governance.
  • Advice on Employment Equity and BEE. Free telephone advice to members.
  • Access to our interactive website.
  • Provide a mouthpiece and communication channel for member industries and businesses.
  • Discounted products and services.